Executive Solutions

Executive search

A tailor-made service to perfectly fit the client’s needs. Ensures thorough search of the market and selection of the best available individuals to head departments and/or companies. The process usually follows specific stages; however, we are flexible to modify one or more of them in order to achieve maximum results.


A solution applicable for finding experts and mid-managers. The service is offered only by our Plovdiv office. Learn more.


1. Recruitment of personnel – an interactive one-day training for in-house recruitment teams designed to provide an insight on the following topics

- personnel recruitment strategy and budget;
- in-house vs. agency recruitment;
- recruitment vs. headhunting;
- new channels for finding and attracting candidates;
- succession planning;
- how to prepare for and conduct a job interview;
- communication with candidates;
- brand awareness.

2. Introduction to coaching – an interactive one-day training, aiming at covering the basics of coaching and its application in work and life. Covering the following modules

- what is coaching
- what makes a good coach
- the 4 pillars of coaching
- listening skills
- questioning skills
- building rapport
- the TGROW model
- beliefs
- values
- goals

Life Coaching

Life Coaching services, offered by Irina Ivanova, possesing a Life Coaching Practitioner Diploma from Noble Manhattan UK.  Learn more

Interim Management - the long-awaited solution

Relatively unknown to the Bulgarian market, the service has strong potential especially in difficult economic situation. It is based on temporary (between 6 and 18 months) provision of management resources and skills whenever a permanent role may be unnecessary or impossible to find on short notice. There are a number of different business situations that could result in the need for an Interim Manager. Typically, these could be situations such as crisis management, sudden departure/ death, illness, change management or transition, sabbaticals, MBOs and IPOs, M&A’s, and project management.

The service offers access to specialized industry knowledge as well as general expertise in different business areas helping customers to cope with challenges like achieving operational excellence, customer and brand strategy, organizational transformation, cost efficiency, quality and portfolio management.

Our clients do not only receive a piece of advice and a recommendations report; our Interim Managers are there to just get the job done, assuming full responsibility for their decisions and results.

Career guidance and advice

A free-of-charge service aimed at identifying young professionals with strong potential and coaching them through a successful career path.

If you are a student in the last year at the University, or someone who has just started his/her career within an organization, you are most welcome to visit us and discuss your personal vision with regards to your professional life. We will be glad to consult you.